Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuklear radiation dan hujan asid

Entri ni merupakan susulan daripada entri BBC Flashnews Hoax? semalam. Aku sebenar nyer lepas publish entri semalam, aku rasa curious lak nak tau sama ada betol ke tak radiasi daripada nuklear ni bole menyebabkan terbentuk nyer hujan asid. Kalo bole, macam mana mekasnisma nyer.

And guess what... Nuclear radiation tidak mengakibatkan berlaku nyer hujan asid... Kalo tak percaya, korang bole search sendiri tengok. Korang taip je dalam bentuk soalan. Pandai2 la si Google tu jawab.

Q: Does nuclear energy cause acid rain?

A: No. Acid rain usually refers to rain which has been made more acidic than normal because it has absorbed gases emitted by the burning of fossil fuels. The key gases are nitrogen oxides (usually referred to as NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). Acid rain can damage trees and reduce fish stocks in lakes and streams. Nuclear power stations do not emit either NOx gases or SO2.

Q: Is nuclear fision responsible for causing acid rain?

A: No, nuclear fission is not responsible for causing acid rain.

Nuclear power plants produce heat, but not the atmospheric contaminants that are the causes of acid rain. It is sulfur, which is present in small quantities in fossil fuels (like coal and oil) that is the precursor to acid rain.

Sumber: WikiAnswers

Q: Radiation can cause acid rain?

A: No. Nuclear radiation is not a factor in the production of acid rain.

========= Follow up ===========

Actually, rain has been acidic for a couple billion years. That's because there have always been CO2, SO2 and other gases in the atmosphere that react with water to make acidic solutions. Only recently has rain become more acidic do to increased levels of CO2, SO2 and NOx due to the actions of mankind.

Q: Does nuclear power cause acid rain?

A: No, that is caused by burning coal and producing sulfur dioxide
Sumber: WikiAnswers


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