Monday, April 25, 2011

Stick Insect

Korang ingat tak entri aku pasal serangga pelik yang aku jumpa kat halaman rumah aku bulan lepas? Lepas aku terbaca satu artikel ni, baru aku tahu nama dia. Walaupun aku dah bole agak dah serangga tu apa, tapi at least ada artikel yang bole confirm kan nama sebenar serangga tu. Sah, serangga tu adalah serangga kayu atau "stick insect".

"While most animals need a specific backdrop for their camouflage to work, a few are so well-disguised they're incognito almost anywhere. Stick insects are a good example, with twig-like bodies that let them become virtually invisible just by holding still. A wide variety of stick insects exist around the world, ranging in size from half an inch to two feet long. Often colored brown or green, they tend to freeze when threatened, sometimes swaying to mimic a branch blowing in the wind. That's not to say they can't be assertive, though — the American stick insect, for example, can spray a mild acid from two glands in its thorax to thwart would-be predators. If it gets in your eyes, it can burn and even cause temporary blindness."

Artikel asal: Shine.Yahoo!


vanilla said...

kirim slm kayu kat dia nooo

aienzunnur said...

mn insect nye..nmpk kayu jah

aswadz said...

@vanilla: dia jwb "waalaikumsalam"... Islam rupa nyer beliau.

@aien: cer tgk btoi2... cer tgk (ulang sampai bosan).

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